Saturday, July 26, 2014

Health and Diet Extremism

"Ask Well: Does Boiling or Baking Vegetables Destroy Their Vitamins?"
"Several studies have shown that while cooking can degrade some nutrients, it can enhance the availability of others. As a result, no single cooking or preparation method is best, and that includes eating vegetables raw."

Love this! Read banana ingredients!

"Food Fears"

Some people who only eat raw food ignore real toxins by not doing research because "all chemicals are "bad", and they do not realize chemicals are in EVERYTHING, including raw food. Processes (cooking, baking, pasteurization, etc.) do not necessarily make food less nutritious. They can make it more so, and SAFE to eat.

It is not a good idea to indulge in buckwheat sprouts, or adopt extremism in health or diets, ignoring reputable science.
From the pdf 
"Since there is no accurate toxicological information on fagopyrin, safe intake of buckwheat sprouts can be estimated on the basis of hypericin phototoxic doses if further consideration of molecular differences ... to hypericin is not done. Taking this into account, the consumption of 0.14 g of dry mass sprouts per kg body mass per day can be estimated, which corresponds to approximately 40 sprouts. The intake of 10 g of dry mass (or approximately 30 g of fresh mass) of buckwheat sprouts may, on the other hand, cause severe phototoxicity, but this might strongly depend on the exposure to sunlight, body mass and age."

See also the Townsend Letter, 2004, which the pdf research published in 2013 backs up, and poses more questions.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, 2014

"Does aluminum in pans and antiperspirants lead to Alzheimer’s disease?", 2014

“If aluminum plays any role, it’s very small,” ... “And there are many other, much more important risk factors to study.”... You can try to limit your aluminum consumption by choosing aluminum-free products, Perl says, “but we don’t really understand enough about [aluminum’s possible association with Alzheimer’s disease] to make good recommendations.”  For what it’s worth, Perl and Borenstein haven’t replaced their cookware, changed their antiperspirants or given up using aluminum foil. Savory hasn’t, either"

This 2014 study is over hyped a number of places in media.
"While it is impossible to know if high levels of brain aluminium instigated disease in either of these cases it is highly likely"

"Highly likely" is not definitive, or proven. My mother and grandmother used aluminum cookware most of their lives. Neither developed Alzheimer's disease. Occupational exposure is significantly different to using cookware, aluminum foil and antiperspirants. More research is the key. Not scams!

Detox Scams, 2014

"The Detox Scam: How to spot it, and how to avoid it", 2014  

"Is Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) protective of hepatocytes (liver cells) in patients with active or chronic liver disease and if so, how does it work?"

"Milk thistle", 2013, with cautions

"Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)" 2013

"Silymarin in non alcoholic liver disease", 2013
"The effects of silybum marianum and vitamin E on some biochemical indices of atherosclerotic progression must be confirmed by other experiences performed on a wide range, even though these metabolic data may be reported"
In other words, more research is needed!

Email Reply: Detox cosmetics?
, 2013

Don't be scammed! Be informed and aware!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), 2014

2013 "Should Kratom Use Be Legal?"

Kratom, TOXNET, 2014

Kratom, FDA, 2014

"Import Alert 54-15"

"Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) dependence, withdrawal symptoms and craving in regular users.", 2014
"This study is the first to measure systematically Kratom dependence, withdrawal symptoms, and drug craving in regular Kratom users in Malaysia. ... regular Kratom use is associated with drug dependency, development of withdrawal symptoms, and craving. ... symptoms become more severe with prolonged use"

To say there are no human toxicity or severe adverse effects, or that such events are not on record about kratom is FALSE! Caution is advised. Just because something is natural does NOT repeat NOT mean it is safe, regardless of its historical use. Any company, anyone promoting and or selling a product that can have side effects, especially serious ones should make ALL details available. 

Follow the evidence-based science which is on record and has been for YEARS on kratom (PubMed), then follow the money now! Only those who profit from kratom in some manner (advertising revenue included), defend it incorrectly as "harmless" in marketing and or promotion.

Email reply: Kratom I am against misinformation about any drug, natural or synthetic!

The synthetic drugs now on the market all originally came from nature! You need a list of all possible side effects for those too. Know exactly what you are taking, or prescribed, and buying.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cosmetics and Preservatives, 2014

Email Reply: Tree sap as a cosmetics preservative? 1. It is processed, and not "all natural". 2. Research its history of working well, and safety.

Companies selling high priced botanical cosmetics often tell you what they do not contain and often inaccurately, leaving out what is in them. Of course if you do not have the correct INCI cosmetics name, you cannot research an ingredient for safety, and history. That is the idea. Water-based, and other cosmetics need broad spectrum preservatives for safety. Natural-based ones are blends and NOT "all natural".


"Preservatives consultant Steinberg warns that if formulators avoid the tried and true preservatives, they do so at their own peril. ... he contends, they have done a good job of preventing bacterial contamination of personal care products. If formulators aren’t careful about cosmetics preservation, “people may get injured,” he warns."


All you have to do is read government Recalls on a number of natural cosmetics products to see they have been recalled because of bacterial contamination. That is becoming an unfortunate trend. It means consumers have paid a premium price to be put at a health risk. The Recalls are fact. The advertising and or marketing of such products is often pure, unadulterated hype.

The information that no injuries have been reported can also mean 3 things: reluctance to report, ignorance of the Recall, and not connecting a problem to the product. Cosmetics manufacturers are supposed to do their own testing for product safety of the finished product BEFORE it goes to market, and needs to be recalled.

Am I against botanical "all natural" products? No. Most are NOT "all natural" though. That said, to me, it is about their safety. Safety is vital. I read ingredients lists for food, and cosmetics. A lot of them out there are scary, if you do the research, and I do the research.

Consumers complain about certain chemicals in mainstream products. The fact is they are often hidden in many "all natural" products and NOT on the labels. And they are not declared in marketing and advertising either.

2013 "Alternative preservatives that offer a similar level of broad-spectrum protection have yet to be found."

You do not have to do extensive math. Alternative preservatives often, and increasingly = Recalls.

"Kiss My Face, LLC recalls Foaming Soaps", 2014

"Abundance Naturally Ltd. recall Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Mouthwash", 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cosmetics And Food Safety Regulations, 2014

"Cops bust largest fake beauty supplies ring in US", 2014
"FBI - Counterfeit Cosmetics, Fragrances Hazardous to Your Health", 2014

"Laws & Regulations FDA Authority Over Cosmetics", 2014

"Providing better information and protection for consumers" UK, 2014
"Enforcing the EC Regulation on Cosmetic Products", in effect 2013

Do government cosmetics safety regulations exist? YES
Are they being improved? YES
Can you do anything to improve enforcement? YES 
You can report adverse cosmetics reactions AND advertising and marketing violations, to help stop the violators.

Be informed! Be aware! Take action! Don't be scammed! 

"Compliance Resources Inspection of Cosmetics", FDA, 2014

Those who say consumers have NO safety protection under laws are selling and or promoting products with A LOT of misinformation regarding cosmetics, food, and any other product.

"FDA Basics Who makes sure the food I buy at the grocery store is safe to eat?", 2014

"Organic Products" Health Canada, 2014 

"Pesticide residue found on nearly half of organic produce", 2014 

I buy organic and regular produce. I wash (rinse) all.

Do some farmers violate government pesticide use regulations? YES - both organic AND regular food producers, And all need to be stopped. That does not mean most food purchased is unsafe. It does mean governments are monitoring, testing and enforcing regulations.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Coconut Oil Is Not A Health Cure

From my Twitter Account and expanded on here

Email Reply: Is coconut oil a health cure?

No, it is not. It can be a great oil to use for some cosmetic applications, and in food. However, it has limitations. Countries where it has been part of a staple diet, do NOT as claimed by those promoting it have low, or no rates of cardiovascular disease, e.g. Sri Lanka, 2011, and the Philippines, 2013.

Beware of websites 
that are actually owned by companies selling "heath foods" promoting Big Pharma coconut oil and other conspiracies, and advertising by coconut oil suppliers.

"Anti-quackery: Doctors uneasy after colleague evades kidnapping attempt ", 2014

"Fish oil: what do we call an alternative medicine that works?", 2013

Coconut oil health claims, 2013

"UNICEF Philippines - HIV/ AIDS - Issue", 2013

"Sri Lanka - HIV infections again on the rise", 2013

It is very clear that HIV needs to be destigmatized, to allow education, and treatment to reach those in countries where HIV is on the rise. It is also very clear "home brews" of lemon juice, herbs, coconut oil, or vinegar are NOT HIV treatments, in spite of their prevalence on the Internet.

What is most alarming to me? The rise in HIV among those so young, Treatment is often rejected because of ignorance, and or stigmatization and laws. The laws? In some countries same sex is against the law. That also means those in need of education and treatment can be living in fear of reprisal.

WHO: Facts about HIV/AIDS, 2013
"As a result of recent advances in access to antiretroviral therapy (ART), HIV-positive people now live longer and healthier lives. In addition, it has been confirmed that ART prevents onward transmission of HIV. ... 10 facts on HIV/AIDS"

"10 Tired Myths About HIV/AIDS - Wellness & Empowerment - EBONY", 2014, and excellent!

There is no shortage of false HIV/AIDS cures. 
"GAMBIA: President’s herbal HIV/AIDS 'cure' boosts ARV use", 2014

"The false science behind Egyptian army's AIDS and HCV cure", 2014

Preliminary animal studies, 2009, and below, do NOT make coconut oil an HIV/AIDS preventative treatment. Bolding of text by me
"This new approach, plausibly linked to interfering with innate host responses that recruit the target cells necessary to establish systemic infection, opens a promising new avenue for the development of effective interventions to block HIV-1 mucosal transmission."

"Drug-Eluting Fibers for HIV-1 Inhibition and Contraception", 2012, Bolding of text by me
"Since HSV-2 infection may occur through the vulva, the vagina, or the cervix, the mouse model developed by Moench et al. may be too sensitive to draw conclusions about how GML may affect HSV-2 acquisition in humans or nonhuman primates. Despite the surfactant nature of GML, the compound has been shown to have several protective qualities, including the ability to neutralize the toxic effects of pathogenic gram-positive bacteria [25],[51]. Recently, Li et al. provided preliminary evidence that GML is not only safe for chronic use in rhesus macaques, but actually prevents SIV mucosal transmission with repeated high dose challenge [26]. ...The functional combination offered by our drug-eluting fibers cannot be accomplished with any single technology currently in the development pipeline. ... All animals were obtained ..." 

"the mouse model developed by Moench et al." research referred to above, 2010, Bolding of text by me
"The following excipients markedly increased susceptibility to HSV-2 after a single exposure: 5% glycerol monolaurate (GML) formulated in K-Y® Warming Jelly, 5% GML as a colloidal suspension in phosphate buffered saline ... Our model has several limitations. Observations were made in mice rather than humans or non-human primates. ... Our results specifically caution against the use of ... and GML as an excipient or API."

To me, promoting false HIV/AIDS treatments or cures, whether through political "strategy", or marketing and advertising is right up there with using chemical weapons. Both can cost lives.

Email reply: Coconut oil
If coconut oil worked as advertised (emphasis), HIV rates in countries where it is consumed the most would not be rising.

Email Reply: Coconut oil as a diaper rash cream?
I highly doubt it. Heat and moisture would offset it being helpful.
"Using Coconut Oil for Healing Diaper Rash Review - Does it Work?", 2013

I have also read numerous reports of virgin coconut oil going off used in the sun, and in other conditions of high environmental heat and humidity.

Email Reply: Natural oils as a sunscreen? Not on their own. They are often added to sunscreens with a REGULATED SPF. Skin cancer is NOT something you want to risk!

I wrote about natural oils, UV and sunscreens here and here. More can be found here. It is completely irresponsible, and can result in a skin cancer risk, for anyone to promote any natural oil as the only protection needed from UV.

WHO, "Sun protection", 2014

There are ethical issues doctors, drug, food, cosmetic companies, and all of us face. Does that mean it is "open season" on patients and or consumers? NO! The best way to beat FRAUD of ANY kind, and help others is to EXPOSE it. That can be done various ways.

"Sensa and Three Other Marketers of Fad Weight-Loss Products Settle FTC Charges in Crackdown on Deceptive Advertising", 2014
"Refund administration for consumer redress takes time, and the FTC is in the process of determining how best to provide redress in each case. When information becomes available regarding consumer refunds in these cases, it can be found here." Also note contact information at the end of the page for refunds. Go FTC!

See Also
"superfoods" in this link, bolding of text by me
"Under EU legislation, use of the term superfoods is not allowed unless it is accompanied by an authorised health claim that explains to consumers why the product is good for their health." 
It is "old" news (since 2007) but good news just the same.

"Kale? Juicing? Trouble Ahead", 2014, Excellent article

Email reply: Juicing and kale I would not overdo either! That does not necessarily mean you need to regularly avoid kale, or juicing fruit. It does mean moderation is best. A healthy diet is not about fads and fantasies. If you should avoid certain foods, based on doctor's advice after tests, consult with your doctor first, and ask the questions you need to, to understand what you must do.

"Juicing: What are the health benefits?", Mayo Clinic, 2014, Great tips on juicing safety and more

Raw food? It depends on whether food safety regulations, 2013, have been followed.

"COMMUNITY WATER FLUORIDATION", 2013, It helps not harms.

"TOOTHPASTE", 2013, Good advice!

Email Reply: Cancer Prevention (Reducing the Risk), 2014
I agree completely! It is reputable, current, balanced and a keeper! That is exactly why I Tweeted it.