Friday, September 24, 2010

Debunking the silicone myth in hair care

There is nothing in scientific research literature to state that the use of silicones in hair care products causes hair damage, over time or otherwise. Just the opposite has been observed by those doing the research and testing.

I do not for one second doubt reports of silicone-free products yielding better hair results for people. I simply do not believe that the lack of silicones is the sole or only reason for the results. I think there are other reasons like the formulation of the different products and changes of the hair care routine.

In this study, the repeated use of a silicone caused hair luster to diminish. The same can be said of any natural oil that is overused though. Some silicones do require clarifying. That has to do with their weight, soluability, frequency and amount used, and how they are used in a formulation.

Clarifying the hair to remove conventional and natural product build-up does not have to be done with a harsh shampoo designed for that purpose. Switching products can reduce, or eliminate build-up too. Not using a product that builds-up for a while and using a shampoo that does not build-up can remove product build-up. The length of time to do so will vary with the amount of build-up on the hair and the strength of the shampoo used. Sunsilk Lively Blonde Shampoo, a sodium laureth sufate based shampoo has done just that for me. It is the only shampoo I use. It is not a strong shampoo.

Catnip treatments do not cause build-up for me. I do one following every shampoo. Lively Blonde Shampoo contains one silicone, has not caused build-up for me in over 3 years of use and removes enough of the catnip each time I wash my hair that there is no problem whatsoever. In the past, I used conventional conditioners and natural products that did cause build-up. When I stopped using them, Lively Blonde Shampoo removed the build-up over time.

The writer of this article is a Board Certified Dermatologist.

There are different dimethicones. It is about reducing hair breakage, which can make it appear that hair is not growing. Silicones have a professionally respected and scientifically validated place in hair care.

In this referenced article, Dow Corning, showed that human hair subjected to very high heat was protected from damage better with silicone solutions, than without.

Silicones: uses and safety