Saturday, January 28, 2012

More On Cosmetic Mineral Oil Or Baby Oil

The idea of using drops only of mineral oil was the key in the research study for me that led to this blog post.

I had tried small amounts of other oils before. Drops were less intimidating and worked for me without waste, aside from being incredibly economical, although the price of mineral oil is low to start with, especially for baby oil.

They also reduced the possibility of using too much and my having to rewash my hair because it would look and feel bad.

I had no reason to worry. Mineral oil spreadability is another commonly known factor in the cosmetic industry that sets it apart from vegetable oils and silicone, in addition to its superior moisturization abilities and it not being as potentially greasy. It goes further and better than other oils can using an equivalent amount.

See "Emolliency" Pages 5 and 6, as well as the "Synopsis" on Page 1 and "Slip, Shine and Safety" on Pages 6 and 7. As I reported here, I had no tangles with mineral oil because it reduced friction and that means less hair stress, which in turn means less potential hair damage.

Dow Corning has come up with a silicone product to enhance vegetable oils.

That would not be necessary if vegetable oils did not need enhancing to deliver the same qualities mineral oil can on its own.

Going back to sustainability, mineral oil is already widely available, especially baby oil, which is what I used. Applications of drops only, means much less is needed. Producing the product to enhance vegetable oils requires power and that power comes from non renewable resources.

Every vegetable oil out there used for cosmetics or food is processed, even the unrefined ones. Heat is used in processing virgin coconut oil for example, more power generation from non renewable resources.

To me, mineral oil is a win win product. Mineral oil cannot replace all vegetable oil cosmetic applications but it can replace oiling hair as a grooming aid and with better results.

Cosmetic mineral oil (USP/BP) comes in different grades unfragranced, for laxative use; and in lightweight grades fragranced and unfragranced, as baby oil and unfragranced, to help keep wooden cutting boards and utensils from drying out and it is considered to be vegan.