Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How And Why Mineral Oil Can Give Damaged Hair More Than A Healthy Appearance

Petrolatum contains both wax and mineral oil. In this study, it was shown to accelerate skin barrier recovery while it replaced intercellular layers. What this means for damaged hair, which does not heal naturally and cannot be healed period by any cosmetic preparation - Update: See this post - is that mineral oil, which contains no wax is doing more than just sitting on the hair surface when used. It is filling in gaps in the hair cuticles and replacing lost lipids needed to make hair shine and look and feel its best. That is what conditioners and treatments are supposed to do well. In spite of hype to the contrary, no natural oil is similar to human sebum, which has a unique composition and cosmetic grade mineral oil outperforms it for moisturizing and more.

Mineral oil is not new to hair care. Used separately from other ingredients like petrolatum that are heavy, sticky, greasy, can be much harder to remove by comparison, and using a lightweight version on its own, in small evenly distributed drops, on damp to wet, or dry hair can allow it to: rehydrate hair, maintain a good moisture level, and reduce or eliminate friction, frizz, and tangles. It is also antistatic. It is a different approach to using a product with well documented advantages over other products. Pure cosmetic mineral oil (USB/BP) is not heavy or sticky. It is not greasy unless overused and that is more difficult to do than with other oils used in similar amounts.

It can provide all of the benefits to hair mentioned above more effectively, easily and cheaply than conditioners or treatments, vegetable oils, butters, or silicones, without build-up or making hair feel coated and stiff, or look unappealing. The benefits last longer too and can last, without reapplication, between hair washes, for a week or longer.

With mineral oil helping to prevent more damage caused by friction and tangling and re-balancing the hair's moisture level, damaged hair can grow out stronger and be manageable and its appearance can be very pleasing and shiny. The hair can feel much softer and be easily combed and styled.