Monday, April 23, 2012

Tips For Applying Cosmetic Mineral Oil

Cosmetic mineral oil (USP/BP), whether it is in the form of baby oil or sold for wooden utensils and cutting boards or for laxative use can be tricky at first to get drops of the right size to apply to hair.

One thing I have found helpful is to pour out a very small amount of mineral oil onto a saucer (a small plastic scoop would do too) and use a Q-tip to apply the oil to the inside of fingers for finger combing or to hands for application. It makes such a light oil more easily controlled without waste, as what is not used can be returned to the bottle or used on wet skin as a moisturizer.

The beauty for me at least is that if I have applied too much to my hands for example, rather than have to stop and wash off the excess, the other end of the Q-tip can be used to take off extra oil with a swipe or two and I can continue with the application.

Updated November 2, 2012
Recently, I used baby oil to "polish" mostly dry, catnipped hair. I tipped the bottle of baby oil very carefully, to get one small drop in my hand and used a Q-tip or swab, to swipe away about half of that. I rubbed the remaining oil between my hands and ran them down the length of my hair on one side, on the top of my hair and on the top layer of the back of my hair.

My hands showed no oil on them after that. I then repeated the procedure and applied the oil to the other half of my length and the same other places as the first time. Again my hands showed no oil or shine left on them. The baby oil was not visible on my hair, except for the results. My hair was somewhat smoother looking and remained that way until I washed my hair again.

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