Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Current Research On Plant-Based Insect Repellents: Safety And Effectiveness

While researching my latest catnip safety review, I came across research on natural insect repellents. I think this is a good time to post the results separately. The first reference below is very complete with links one can access. Just "control f" and type catnip for links on it. I have listed more current references on catnip, not included in the first. New insect repellents are being developed with refined catnip oil.

I think the material in the first link is well written and gives sound information to think about. The topic is not a simple one and there are variables. While I personally would love all natural products to perform the best under all possible circumstances and uses, it just does not work that way in many cases, especially when safety and efficacy are factored into the equation. With my cosmetic mineral oil use, when not using catnip, my basic cosmetic needs are about 50:50 all natural and conventional.

I currently do not need to use an insect repellent. However, I am going to review the references below for when I do need one. I prefer reputable, scientifically fact-based material, compared to usually over zealous and confusing marketing hype. The research is very easy for me to find and share.

Refined catnip oil