Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cosmetic Or USP/BP Mineral Oil Updates

I am still updated by friends on their mineral oil or baby oil for the most part use on hair and the results. Their results are consistent with mine. While I still use catnip more often on my hair than cosmetic mineral oil because it is also my hair colour, when I do use baby oil, I have not seen an increase in hair breakage, the appearance of frizz which rarely happens for me with catnip, or the sudden appearance of split ends, which I no longer have to deal with otherwise, thanks to catnip use.

In fact, the consensus from them is clear, whether the person uses conditioner and baby oil or baby oil alone after shampooing, or conditioner only washing. There is a reduction in frizz to almost or nil, reduced hair breakage and a definite reduction in split ends. No other major hair care routine changes have been made.

One of my friends continues to do heat styling and baby oil alone has performed admirably as a thermal protectant and hair conditioner for her for quite a while now. Her chemically damaged hair continues to grow out stronger, while being very easy to comb and style and appears to be much healthier. It shines. She only needs to apply the baby oil to her hair once after each wash for these effects, not in between washes.That was also clear in the consensus. Baby oil only needs to be applied once after hair washing to be effective, not continuously.

One friend swears baby oil use has contributed to her hair growth spurt and protected her hair from sun damage and chlorinated pools. While I have no scientific research links to back any of that up, I think the baby oil has helped offset UV damage and helped shield her hair from access to it by chlorine. As to the growth spurt, I think less breakage from baby oil use can result in more visible growth.

For those who still use conditioner and shampoos that cause build-up, they clarify their hair when needed, which is every so often, not often, to eliminate residue. They have found they need to use much less conditioner than before trying cosmetic mineral oil on their hair, to get fabulous results.

All of this makes perfect sense to me.

Note: Some baby oils with added fragrance have been reported online to cause skin breakouts. In those same reports, switching to a different brand of baby oil with fragrance or baby oil without fragrance, resolved the issue. It was not the mineral oil in the baby oil that was the problem. 
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