Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emu Oil?

I received a blog email inquiry about emu oil. It is being touted as a wonder cure based on various research studies that are careful to state it has potential for a number of uses for skin and much more. It is reported online to be: sticky, greasy, cause irritation, clog pores and be very fragrant, or the opposite of all of those effects and properties. It depends on the emu oil purchased. It is being recommended for use on hair too. The safety of emu oil has not been determined.

The problem? Uses in humans are unproven. The potency of emu oils vary. Emu oil is not FDA approved for a reason. Some of the claims made make it a drug. Scientists are unsure of what in it actually is so beneficial for results shown in research. From reports of its use and the different emu oils on the market, the processing of which is quite diverse, it means that the beneficial properties may be affected by said processing. To me and apparently others as well, that means Buyer Beware!