Saturday, October 20, 2012

How To Avoid "The Winter Hair Blues"

Spring is the traditional time to clean your home more thoroughly and get it ready for warmer weather. Now is a good time to prepare your hair for winter and the negative effects it can have on your hair.

1. If you have not clarified your hair in a while, it is a good time to remove any hair product residues.

2. Do not overload your hair with product because of drying indoor heating or low outdoor humidity or both. Use less product on your hair, not more, to help it stay in good condition and delay build-up becoming a problem.

3. If your hair is lacking moisture, moisturize it with water, which is what it needs. Apply a non-drying oil on damp to wet hair, to help keep the water your hair lacks in your hair as long as possible, by delaying its evaporation. Your hair will still dry but the needed water can be retained in your hair and rehydrate it.

4. If your hair is lacking moisture, do not apply any oil on it when it is dry. The oil will help maintain the poor moisture level.

5. If your hair is not lacking moisture, do apply a non-drying oil on dry hair. The oil will help maintain the good moisture level. Oil applied on dry hair helps maintain whatever level of moisture is currently in the hair. Oil does not add moisture to hair.

6. Do not use a drying oil frequently on your hair because it builds-up and usually requires clarifying to remove it and can require repeated clarifying to do so. Clarifying hair too often is harsh and drying.

7. USP/BP mineral oil is an excellent choice of oil to use. Results last longer than those of other non-drying oils and other products. It is inexpensive and it does not build-up, nor is it heavy or greasy on hair, when not too much of it is used. As baby oil, it is a lightweight oil. If it is overused, it can still be washed out of your hair fairly easily and does not require clarifying to do so. It is not sticky. It is antistatic. It has superb slip or detangling properties. It should not need reapplication between hair washes.

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