Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scientists And Cosmetics

I am tired of reading false information about cosmetic products and ingredients on the Internet and elsewhere. Although I am not a scientist, I am very careful with what I write about cosmetic products and ingredients. When I refer to specific scientific research studies and articles, I also provide them and more information for you to access and read, and you can verify the information I have written.  

There are scientists online who are not careful with what they write about cosmetics and ingredients, or the sources used. I have checked out references referred to but not made accessible although they are online in most cases, only to find that what has been written is not actually what has been stated in the scientific study, or a quote has been taken out of context. This has happened numerous times. After searching for details about these scientists, I learned that they are not cosmetic chemists or formulators and I was left even more disappointed.  

There are many scientific disciplines and areas of research. I prefer to read what is said on the topics by cosmetic chemists and sources like the Mayo Clinic, as well as what is written in scientific research information itself. Cosmetic chemists know how ingredients are developed and have access to information on whether they are all natural. They also have access to the latest information on the safety and effectiveness of both the oldest and newest ingredients, and can write about it all in understandable, not esoteric detail. There are reputable and well referenced articles written by cosmetic chemists on the Internet. They are included as references here.