Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What You Will Not Find In This Blog

This blog is not sponsored.

I was asked in an email about information on wholesale cosmetics available through this blog. 

The advertising of products on and the sponsorship of a blog or website can be tricky, not because one is obvious and the other should be declared. For me, it would be about what I believe in and know. I have worked in advertising. You do not upset a client even though you would only recommend a limited number of their products. 

Despite disclaimers about honesty, if someone receives free goods or money and reviews a product, I am skeptical of the review if it is all positive. If the brand also pays for advertising on the same blog or website, I am even more skeptical of the review. Can I use extra money? Of course but not by making certain compromises.

There are a number of brand options for most types of products. Well-made and formulated inexpensive cosmetic products can work equally well and often much better, than expensive ones. This blog is about innovative approaches to hair and skin care and reputable information, not increasing the hype and false information which have become prevalent about cosmetic products and ingredients.