Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Reasons There Are No Comments Published In This Blog

1. I do not want to choose whose comments are to be published, or moderate comments. I reply to all legitimate email inquiries and delete all spam.

2. Comments online often ask the same questions already replied to in detail, in other blog posts. That is also why I refer to and link, previous blog posts on topics I write about.

3. I have found that people are very often reluctant to post online about how upset they have become about a hair, or skin care problem when this was not the case for them previously. They are embarrassed by feeling that way now, and it is really more about their frustration at not being able to find a solution to the problem. Email allows better interaction, and privacy, while options are explored.

4. People are open to giving more details in private emails, and I can ask questions to help me understand what their hair, or skin care routine is now and has been in the past.

Any personal, identifying, or sensitive information is not published by me, only the relevant details, or problems concerning topics, which I occasionally post to help others.

No cosmetic product or ingredient can replace needed qualified medical treatment, stimulate hair growth, or prevent illness. Scientists continue to do research on botanicals and other natural products for health and cosmetic applications. Legitimate products for hair loss contain a drug that has government approval and specifics for use.