Saturday, August 24, 2013

Advantages Cosmetic Mineral Oil Has Over Other Natural Oils And Cosmetic Products

1. It is safe to use (not all natural oils are safe, or good for skin).
2. It can moisturize hair and skin longer than other natural oils, silicone and natural sebum.
3. It does not contain fatty acids that can feed yeasts, and cause or make skin inflammation worse.
4. It can be very lightweight (baby oil) and it is a superb hair detangler - less stress = less hair damage.
5. It does not clog pores.
6. It is not a known allergen or sensitizer (people can be allergic to it but that is very rare compared to other natural oils and other cosmetic ingredients).
7. It can be washed out of hair easily (very little is needed for desired results without making hair look greasy or stringy) and it is not a drying oil (no build-up). 
8. It is INEXPENSIVE and readily available.

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"The term moisturizer is a marketing term with little or no scientific meaning. ... The term "moisturizer" does not necessarily imply that moisture or water is being added to the skin. ... Petroleum jelly at minimum concentrations reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by more than 98% ... followed by lanolin, mineral oil, and the silicones, which are effective in the range from 20%-30%."