Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cosmetics And Food Safety Regulations

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"Death of British journalist after eating organic peanuts highlights absurdity of GMO safety scare", 2015, @onguisaac
"The legal and consumer issue should be whether a food is safe or not safe rather than whether it is or is not GM. By focusing so much on GMOs, advocacy groups manipulate consumers to think that everything non GM is safe and anything with GMs is not."

"Genetic Literacy Project", 2015, @GeneticLiteracy
"The Genetic Literacy Project is an independent non-profit organization funded by grants from non-partisan foundations."

"As success grows for Bangladesh’s Bt brinjal (eggplant), Mae-Wan Ho renews GMO disinformation campaign", 2015, @JonEntine 

"Why ‘Natural’ Doesn’t Mean Anything Anymore", 2015, @JonEntine"Very thoughtful Pollan piece except silly GMO v heirloom seed framing.

"10 studies proving GMOs are harmful? Not if science matters", 2015, @BioChicaGMO
"The current scientific consensus regarding GMOs remains unchanged: they are safe and do not pose a health risk to humans."

"Are GMOs increasing profits of farmers and biotech companies at environment’s expense?", 2015, @Thoughtscapism
"there is actually no scientific evidence of harm from GMOs – but it doesn’t stop there. Conversely ... there are several environmental benefits of biotechnology."

"Organic board busts ‘no synthetic pesticides’ myth, okays new herbicides and fungicides", 2015, @washingtonpost 

Email Reply: non GMO cosmetics
"no scientific evidence of harm from GMOs" from links above (different wording in one)
Non GMO cosmetics = scare tactic bs marketing. And who loves scare tactic bs marketing the most? Quacks - who have 0 reputable evidence for everything else they shill for profit and their egos, too. Quackery no matter the form can and does kill - it is reprehensible in all forms. And too often, young children are the ones suffering, dying. 

"Cops bust largest fake beauty supplies ring in US", 2014

"FBI - Counterfeit Cosmetics, Fragrances Hazardous to Your Health", 2014

"Laws & Regulations FDA Authority Over Cosmetics", 2014

"Providing better information and protection for consumers" UK, 2014

"Enforcing the EC Regulation on Cosmetic Products", in effect 2013

Do government cosmetics safety regulations exist? YES

Are they being improved? YES
Can you do anything to improve enforcement? YES 
You can report adverse cosmetics reactions AND advertising and marketing violations, to stop the violators.

Be informed! Be aware! Take action! Don't be scammed! 

"Compliance Resources Inspection of Cosmetics", FDA, 2014

Those who say consumers have NO safety protection under laws are selling and or promoting products with A LOT of misinformation regarding cosmetics, food, and any other product.

"FDA Basics Who makes sure the food I buy at the grocery store is safe to eat?", 2014

"Organic Products" Health Canada, 2014 

"Pesticide residue found on nearly half of organic produce", 2014 

I buy organic and regular produce. I wash (rinse) all.

Do some farmers violate government pesticide use regulations? YES - both organic AND regular food producers, and all need to be stopped. That does not mean most food purchased is unsafe. It does mean governments are monitoring, testing and enforcing regulations.