Saturday, April 26, 2014

Detox Scams

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"Patients, Patience, and Paces: Naturopathic Doctors vs. MDs", 2015, color and bolding added by me, @Marnimd 
"The test is worthlessThe pill was a chelating agent (a medication that binds to metals in the body). This makes them pee out metals, but the reference ranges for the results are based on what you should pee out when not given a chelator. ... It's a way to make patients think there's a problem and then they can be convinced to do all sorts of useless, expensive therapies to cure their 'toxicity.'"

Quackery in action! Fascinating, a pill to cause test results which are then misread to SCARE people, then CHEAT them, and called "health care". So THOSE are the mechanisms by which naturopaths cheat otherwise healthy people to undergo "toxin" detox.

"What’s the best detox or cleanse?", 2016, color and some bolding added by me, @PharmacistScott  
"“Detox” is a marketing term used to sell you products ... “Detox” is a legitimate medical term that has been co-opted to sell useless products and services. It is a fake treatment for a fake condition. ... Real detoxification is provided in hospitals under life-threatening circumstances — usually when there are dangerous levels of drugs, alcohol, or other poisons in the body. Drugs used for real detoxification are not ingredients in a smoothie. ... Detox kits and treatments never name the toxins that they remove, because they’ve never been shown to remove toxins. ... As you get into more unorthodox detox treatments ... there is the potential for harm. ..." = UNPROVEN with RISKS!

"You can’t detox your body.", 2014, @guardian
"Anyone who says, ‘I have a detox treatment’.. is .. a crook." - Edzard Ernst @EdzardErnst

NOT medicine! - 0 PROOF!
"Herbal Energetics/In Joy Organics 2/25/16", @US_FDA
"Flower Essence .. not .. safe .. effective for .. uses"

Quack "Enzyme Deficiency", 2003 with FACTS! You will find the SAME bs CLAIMS on quack social media and or websites in 2015, bolding added by me
"Fact ... Food enzymes are not needed by the body, either for digestion or for any other purpose.

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I wondered why people still flocked to bogus "detox". They are accustomed to accept test results from REAL doctors.

"The Detox Scam: How to spot it, and how to avoid it", 2014, @ScienceBasedMed

"Milk thistle", 2014, with cautions, @UMMC

"Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)" 2013, @MayoClinic
Bottom line: Unproven! More and better research is needed.   

"Silymarin in non alcoholic liver disease", 2013 
"The effects of silybum marianum and vitamin E on some biochemical indices of atherosclerotic progression must be confirmed by other experiences performed on a wide range, even though these metabolic data may be reported" 
In other words, more research is needed!

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