Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oil Pulling

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Indian Dental Association, @IndianDentalAsn 
"Based on the lack of currently available evidence, oil pulling is not recommended as a supplementary oral hygiene practice.", 2015, color and bolding by me
India is the country of origin of oil pulling. 

American Dental Association, @AmerDentalAssn
"The Practice of Oil Pulling", 2014, color and bolding added by me
"Based on the lack of currently available evidence, oil pulling is not recommended as a supplementary oral hygiene practice, and certainly not as a replacement for standard, time-tested oral health behaviors and modalities ... insufficient peer-reviewed scientific studies to support its use for oral conditions ... Existing studies are unreliable for a number of reasons, including the misinterpretation of results due to small sample size ... absence of negative controls, lack of demographic information ... lack of blinding. To date, scientific studies have not provided the necessary clinical evidence to demonstrate ... oil pulling reduces the incidence of dental caries, whitens teeth or improves oral health and well-being ... articles in the media recommending oil pulling ... have not described potential adverse health effects ... case reports of lipoid pneumonia ... diarrhea or upset stomach have been reported."

Love the title!
"Oil Pulling Your Leg", 2014, color and bolding added by me, @ScienceBasedMed
"I did come across one other published paper on oil pulling – a report of recurrent lipoid pneumonia from oil pulling. ... Oil pulling for general health or any other indication is pure pseudoscience. Detox claims are based on nothing, as are all detox claims. There is no evidence or plausible rationale to recommend oil pulling for any indication other than as a poor substitute for oral care." 

"Lipoid Pneumonia And Oils: Important Health Information", 2012
"Of the types of oils that can be aspirated, animal oil causes more problems than vegetable oil, which causes more than mineral oil."

"Oil instillation pneumonia - A social evil", 2009, from the above blog post, full text. Oils named - "Gingilli oil" (sesame), "Coconut Oil", "Neem oil"
"eighty seven percent of the patients with oil instillation were acutely symptomatic; 10% of them required mechanical ventilation for worsening hypoxia and respiratory failure of which three (4.1%) expired. ...Though, this issue was highlighted way back in 1973 by Balakrishnan [1], oil-aspiration pneumonia is still a health problem in countries where infants are forced to receive vegetable or animal oil due to traditional belief."
3 children died.

Oil pulling has risks, which are reputably documented and no reputably recognized benefit. That is not widely disseminated in articles on the topic but should be included. Scammers are too busy promoting an oil with misinformation to research properly, or care. No amount of fake followers, celebrity, or a congenial demeanor can make up for misinformation, lies, or undisclosed facts. AVOID!